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Lisa Boone, Carrie Anton Balancing Academic Integrity and Accommodations
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James Shawana Indigenous Educational Journey: University Retention
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Qing Tan, Frederick Ako-Nai, Enrique De la Cal Marin Employing Blockchain Technology in Instructional Design and Learning Content Creation
Josie Auger A Seven Generations Teaching Applied in Two Life Worlds to Address Historical Trauma
Jennifer Rempel I Didn’t Know We Have A Library! AU Library Resources for Faculty, Tutors, and Learning Designers
Raza Hussain Don't Embrace the Future, Invent it: Leveraging the Exponential Economy in an Age of Disruption
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Farook Al-Shamali, Martin Connors Smart Home Labs in Introductory Physics Courses at AU
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Rose Ferronato The Neurolinguistic Approach to Teaching French On-line
Gustavo Carrero Understanding the student population dynamics of the B.Sc. programs at Athabasca University: A mathematical modelling approach
Harris Wang Cryptology Empowered Trustworthy Open Education
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Joanna Nemeth, Jennifer Rempel, Shauna Zenteno, Corinne Bosse, Hongxing Geng #DigiLit4All: Developing a User-Friendly Digital Literacy Tutorial Repository
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Vivekanandan Kumar, Jeremie Seanosky, Rebecca Guillot, David Boulanger, Isabelle Guillot, Daniel Jacques, Claudia Guillot Gravité – a data analytics framework
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Hongxin Yan, Oscar Lin Create a Smart Learning Environment: Keep Analytics in the Loop when Designing Online Courses
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David Annand Issues and Opportunities: OER development at AU
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Jane Arscott Available, Accessible, Acceptable, Adaptable: Human Rights, Promising Practices
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Alain May, Jason Ponto Undergraduate Student Journey Mapping – Four Populations
Vivekanandan Kumar, Shawn N. Fraser, David Boulanger Life-long Learning Healthcare and Evidence-based Education: An autonomous research
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Rosemarri Klamn Educators as Learners
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Rosemarri Klamn Educators as Learners Twitter Chat
Dougal MacDonald, Glynnis Lieb, Natalie Sharpe Living Up to its Name – Manufacturing Dissent; Critical Thought vs Social Conservatism; Voices from the Margins
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Vivekanandan Kumar, Stella George, Ali Dewan, Richard Huntrods, Larbi Esmahi, Xiaokun Zhang, Harris Wang, Dunwei Wen Designing a Data Science Program at AU
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Sabine Graf, Maiga Chang Improving Meta-Cognitive Skills through the Educational Online Game OMEGA
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Barbara Wilson-Keates, Rose Schroeder, Jacqueline Mann, Rick Order Showcasing Innovative Style Questions
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Ronnie Joy Leah, Mark Dimirsky Fostering student success through supportive instructor-student relationships
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Sabine Graf, Jon Dron, Bob Heller, Vivekanandan Kumar, Dietmar Kennephol Are learning styles real?
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Martin Connors, Dietmar Kennepohl, Farook Al-Shamali Video in AU Distance Education – Experiences and Prospective
Liz Lawson More than Moodle: Student Engagement and Assessment in the Arts
Qing Tan, Marc Denojean-Mairet, Hongxue Wang, Xiaokun Zhang, Frédérique Pivot, Roland Treu Toward a Telepresence Robot Empowered Smart Lab
Shauna Reckseidler-Zenteno, Debra Hoven, Corinne Bosse, Terra Murray, Jon Dron, Caroline Park, Marti Cleveland-Innes, Cindy Ives, Wendell Kisner, Meaghan Sullivan, Shawn Fraser Lifelong and life-wide learning: The transformative role of eportfolios in online graduate education
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Rhiannon Rutherford, Mary Pringle Taking Stock: Inventories as Launchpads for Continuous Improvement